Through planning and a cohesive team-building approach, my clients have managed to get the results they need. The following bullet points are summaries of some of the projects I have worked on.

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  • Reduced employee turnover by 30% by developing an innovative new hire screening process, ensuring that employees and human resources professionals received comprehensive data to support informed decision-making.

  • Developed a plan to conduct employee screenings, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training, ensuring that the most effective personnel were provided with the opportunity to serve the organization saving the company time and money.

  • Obtained and evaluated qualitative and quantitative data to promote informed human resources recommendations and effective continuous program improvement. Evaluated, wrote, and rewrote job descriptions to more readily fit the company's roles, resulting in 90% high employee satisfaction (per employee survey), additional opportunities for training, career progression path per role, and increased staff retention. 


  • Facilitated $60K in annual cost savings for company relocation across inventory and supplies accrued through effective relationship-building, negotiations with vendors, and the creation of mutually beneficial, more profitable relationships.

  • Forecasted production trends, analyzed current staffing needs, and created a comprehensive staffing plan to ensure daily operations were executed during a multi-faceted and intricate economic transition, exceeding revenue generation goals.

  • Created the infrastructure for a failing program, increasing program reach and overall effectiveness by 80% throughout the first six months of its utilization and improving funding by 71% in the first year and 100% year-over-year after that.

  • Identified current and anticipated future needs and collected additional data to determine a plan of action to transition some of the staff to a remote work environment. Efforts resulted in a smooth transition, high employee satisfaction, and adoption of new technology that facilitated remote working.  

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  • Created a training program to increase employees’ utility and morale during difficult economic transition resulting in a 19% reduction in labor costs, improved employee morale, retention of existing staff throughout the change, and meeting monthly production goals.

  • Designed and supported the administration of a technical training program to increase employees’ utilization of all technical procedures and resources available by 40%, subsequently enhancing service delivery.

  • Designed a classroom-style training and all related materials to reduce errors in staff deliverable performance, liaising between company departments to distribute information for future employees and promote hands-on, experiential training opportunities. Reduced time and resource allocation towards employee training and errors incurred.


  • Partnered with the senior management team and staff to identify potential causes for returned products due to errors. Identified causes and developed a three-point quality assurance procedure that facilitated obtaining a 99.88% quality rating over four years, continuously exceeding all standards.

  • Streamlined program data management process resulting in a 50% improvement of the data collection process and a cost savings of $700 a month

  • Diagnosed areas of weakness in inventory processes and incorporated proactive solutions resulting in elimination/reduction of wasteful spending and a near zero inventory saving company of over $17,500

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  • Partnered with the senior management team to create HR compliance and safety programs to reduce and eliminate the number of accidents and incidents, resulting in fewer accidents and incidents and 100% proper reporting, reducing the company’s liability

  • Worked with the CEO to create an employee recognition program to boost productivity, reduce work errors, and increase employee satisfaction and retention. The program met all the goals and identified training opportunities to further develop staff and prepare them for future roles. 

  • Designed and executed an engaging volunteer training program to mentor seasoned volunteers concerning quality reporting and updates, data entry and tracking, and telephone communication to enhance organizational reach resulting in a cost savings of over $900 a month.