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Things can happen to the best of nonprofit projects and programs. Maybe you have a great plan, but the implementation of the plan is not going as expected. Perhaps you have staffing challenges that make it more difficult for you to accomplish your goals. Maybe the friction between stakeholders is making it harder for your programs and projects to run smoothly. 

Perhaps you want to use project management to achieve your goals efficiently or to make a change. Sometimes it is just all the little things combined that make things complicated. We understand you only have so many resources to accomplish your mission. Not to mention your stakeholders are expecting you to meet their needs no matter what. 

You may be wondering by now how we can help, or maybe you are curious about our services. Why not contact us to find out? It does not cost you anything for us to go over your needs. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Talk to you soon.

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Planning & Consulting

Your future depends on what you do today. Proper planning can help avoid, reduce, and/or eliminate common issues that get in the way of successful implementation.


Freelance Project MGMT

Implementation is where all the action happens. Where all the details of your plan come together to bring what you envision to life. It is key to meeting your goals.


Monitoring & Reporting

A great plan is one part of the equation. It is the blueprint of your project. Checking to ensure that it is properly implemented is crucial to program or project success.

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